Amazing heartfelt work that speaks to everyone. I am very happy with my purchase.


Timothy Phillips

I had an ear infection and Ann did a theta healing on my ear and minutes into the healing I felt a pop and crackling and all of the pressure went away!! Highly recommend

Ashtyn Shepherd

Got a knee problem for a long time!One day Ann saw me in pain. She asked me if I would like to feel better! I said yes, and Ann touched my knee for a few minutes. With my surprised, the pain gone after! This is like a miracle that everyone should try!

Rogs Zurc

I’ve had a few theta mental/emotional sessions with Ann, I couldn’t empathize how much they positively impact me or my current situation. Not only is she insightful but incredibly talented ! I would recommend her services to anyone going through any physical or mental situations. Because of Ann I’ve fallen in love with the use of essential oils ! ❤️

Amy VanBarneveld

Beautiful soul to work with! Very compassionate and on top of her game! Very eager to work with whom comes her way!

Kelsie Wells

Such an interesting experience, that I sort of stumbled upon. I love what came out of it and how awesome Ann was about everything! Highly recommend trying it and going into it with an open mind! You just never know what you will receive!

Haley Halvorson

Ann was incredible!! The whole experience was unbelievable! I completely recommend this for anyone who has been thinking about having a reading done! The poetry finds a perfect meaning for you! And adds a very unique twist to this skill! I couldn’t even finish reading my poem without tears flooding my eyes! I highly suggest you give this a try and see what comes through for you!

Megan Gerow