poetry, power, psychic poetry


Bring me to my tribe,
where first looks turn into starry eyes,
of the cosmic similarities
We share inside.

I have let the heat of my difference go untouched;
in fear that the warmth of who I am is too much.

It feels like protecting yourself
when your arms are lopped off.
Like the sculpture of Venus de Milo,
you continue to stand bravely,
Taking every verbal cut and scoff.

I don’t want this wear
to mold me into someone
I am not.
Bring me to my tribe,
enough I have fought.


poetry, power, psychic poetry

The Concord

The concord of thoughts swell my head into a fusion of sensory suffocation.

Pop; goes those aware.



Birthday Card 

Birthday Card 🎉

I’ve been MIA the last three weeks due to some much needed TLC time.
It’s been a month filled with both joy and sorrow.
Celebrating this lady’s birthday today with some yummy food. 🤤

family bonding time, i get it from my mama, My Mother is My Roommate

While I am finishing powering out stories for next week’s Houston Today newspaper issue…

February 8, 2017

Me: I am smart. I am funny. I am incredibly amazing, kind, compassionate, ANNNNND I am going to rock this world.

Mom *leaning froward on the couch to look at me write at my work station (which is the end of the dining table).*: Hurry up and make your millions already before I die.

poetry, power, psychic poetry

Power #007