love, poetry, psychic poetry

Wicked Wishes

What if I told you that it is the thought of your mouth behind my ear and your hand in mine that keep the demons at bay?

Would it make a difference if you knew the moments I recall, the forgotten sensations I summon, before I climax?

Is it too much to mention, the fear I have that our lives will continually cross paths?

What consequences would occur, if I asked that the timeline of our brief love be left in the past?


love, poetry, psychic poetry

Birthday Gift

Life gets messy and that’s ok, that’s how the magic gets in – through the cracks.

So come undone.


Embrace your fraying edges. Because the thing is you’ll never be ready, at least not for the important things, not for the things that take courage.

–Kristin Lohr

love, poetry, psychic poetry

The Presence of Attraction and Desire

The presence of attraction should never be in competition with your need for a certain relationship.

If one is absent the other will never be powerful enough to satisfy the missing void.

Work with the formula.

Don’t force and answer to fit it.


love, poetry, psychic poetry

Love #011

I want to know your eyes after they have lost their spark.

I don’t know what that is.

I’m not there yet.

But what I see is a disposition.

Perhaps an assertiveness, or maybe a wisdom, found only after witnessing Death’s door.

Maybe it comes from a tiredness of being young and malleable.

Maybe it is a little more haunting than that.

Whatever it is; it is the thing that drives you now.


love, poetry, psychic poetry

Love #010


is how I feel when you listen to me jabber.

These nerves of mine vibrate to your slow smile.

Steady eyes equate an excitement in me.

And in these last seconds I hope, that the rate of my mouth has not frightened you away.

But instead, command a wish to have this energy stay.



love, poetry, psychic poetry

Love #009

With most people the condition to be less, to shy away, has become a habit.

The feeling of tenderness, protection, and safety under someone else is a familiar and desire comfort.

But I want safe naked.

I want to be so bare that softness is no longer a antonym for strength.

Nor is it a synonym for vulnerable.

I want tenderness without feeling like it is too much to ask for.

Protection without feeling like it is a burden to give.

I want to be as bare and as bold as the day I was born.

Most of all, I want a love where your presence feels like a space for my being to breathe.