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Love #008

I ride to the valley in search of you,

I pray to God I’ll find ye soon. 


I see you in my dreams,

You haunt my nights.

Demons of doubt test my might.


Sometimes I give in to their piercing shouts. 

Telling me this love I’ll forever be without.


Darling you know you are my wife.

Keep this channel open, 

I plead; I plight.


The work that you do reveals me so,

Please don’t stop,

continue further, go. 

Oh what delay, 

I hate this wait.

Is this love destined to be late?


Believe is what we must choose. 

But that is not all we can do.


Tell me where, I’ll find a way.

Say the place, time, and date.

My love, you hear me. 

I feel you clear.

I’m afraid I can’t decide where.


Ideas swarm through my mind,

Destinations of place and time.


I wish I could settle on a point.

Put everything into this joint. 


But I’m afraid if I do,

I’ll be stuck here and far from you.


For that is where I find myself now.

And find it hard to break these vows.


The place I live gives me hope,

But takes my life by the throat.


I seek a place where you’ll find me.

Somewhere where I can breathe.


Until then I must delay,

And I’m afraid cause us to wait.

My love, I must laugh for I feel the same.

Perhaps we are both to blame.

I too am caught in a path, 

How might we solve this math?


Come to me within my dreams, 

Together let us create the scene. 



How Translating for Spirits Works: A Game of Telephone

The question I get asked the most is, “Do you see spirits?”


I’ve only ever seen one spirit clearly. My Guardian, two years ago just before I was admitted into the psychiatric ward.

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How clients sabotage their own psychic readings…

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think “psychic?”

“Ya, right. Prove it.”

Humans desire tangible proof. Probably because we have been trained to believe that it is all in our heads unless we have something external to validate it.

Which is why clients go in for a reading with their guard up, because what they desire more is confirmation of the psychic’s legitimacy.

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How psychics and other intuitive readers really work…

Disclaimer: I speak only on behalf of myself as a psychic-writer and a client of other psychics. I do not speak on the behalf of all other psychic practitioners.

It’s All About Frequency.

There are many psychics, much more talented than I, that can read you down to a tee upon just meeting you.

These psychics now how to tap into the correct frequency, plane, dimension (whatever you want to call it), to access that information.

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