love, poetry, psychic poetry

Love #008

I ride to the valley in search of you,

I pray to God I’ll find ye soon. 


I see you in my dreams,

You haunt my nights.

Demons of doubt test my might.


Sometimes I give in to their piercing shouts. 

Telling me this love I’ll forever be without.


Darling you know you are my wife.

Keep this channel open, 

I plead; I plight.


The work that you do reveals me so,

Please don’t stop,

continue further, go. 

Oh what delay, 

I hate this wait.

Is this love destined to be late?


Believe is what we must choose. 

But that is not all we can do.


Tell me where, I’ll find a way.

Say the place, time, and date.

My love, you hear me. 

I feel you clear.

I’m afraid I can’t decide where.


Ideas swarm through my mind,

Destinations of place and time.


I wish I could settle on a point.

Put everything into this joint. 


But I’m afraid if I do,

I’ll be stuck here and far from you.


For that is where I find myself now.

And find it hard to break these vows.


The place I live gives me hope,

But takes my life by the throat.


I seek a place where you’ll find me.

Somewhere where I can breathe.


Until then I must delay,

And I’m afraid cause us to wait.

My love, I must laugh for I feel the same.

Perhaps we are both to blame.

I too am caught in a path, 

How might we solve this math?


Come to me within my dreams, 

Together let us create the scene.