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Me: Mom, where are my pants?

August 23, 2016

Me: Mom, where are my pants?

Mom: In the wash. I just thought you were too lazy to put them in there.

Me: No, that’s why I have a laundry basket. My clean clothes go on the floor.

Mom: 🙄

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Houston, BC: NASA we are not in Texas

I’ll never sum up my hometown in one post, so I won’t try to.

To date I have left Houston four times since I graduated highschool at Houston Secondary in 2010. I have learnt that I will never entirely disconnect from here, and honestly, why should I?

Though Houston is not the place I want to settle in, it is the place that has throughly cultivated my roots.

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5 R&R Tips to combat Mercury Retrograde Apr-May/2017

Whacky communication, tech troubles, and the surfacing of soul debris has been at full force with me.

Enough, Merc. Retrograde! Your disorienting orbit has had its fun, now go die. Or to be astrologically correct, go direct beeyotch.

Here are my top 5 survival tips to centre yourself when life is overwhelming and the cosmic universe is being a shit storm:

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