Psychic Poem

Psychic Poetry Reading:

Visit the FAQ page to answer any questions you may have about psychic poetry.

  • Interpretative water-colour background
  • Psychic message typewritten on readable negative space (front and back)
  • Produced on 6″ x 9″ hot press water-colour paper


1. Name of someone significant to you. (This is who the message will be coming from. Remember this can be yourself, God, great-aunt Edna, your mother’s highest form, etc.)

2. The first word that comes to mind.

3. Something you desire. (What you hope to receive from this reading?)

4. Optional: Questions you want to ask your Spirit.

Please feel free to provide any other additional information you find pertinent.


Each psychic poem is $25.00 CAD, mailed domestic or internationally.

An invoice of your order, including postage rate, will be sent to you via email.

When will I get my poem?

Your item will be mailed within 1-3 business days upon complete payment of transaction.

Acceptable payment methods:


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Example of Psychic Poem: