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Sweden Circa 2010: A pin-point for home.

Of all the places I have travelled to in the last 25 years, Sweden is still the place where I felt at home the most.

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Introducing Your Partner to Your Filipino/Czech Parents

I am the first of my blood line to be born in Canada. Which means, I’ve been raised by immigrants in a multicultural country that has a multitude of customs when it comes to dating.

I do not speak on behalf of every Canadian in their early twenties, but I do speak as someone that has grown up exposed to the western-culture of dating and has experienced the preliminary dating expectations of her parents.

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Houston, BC: NASA we are not in Texas

I’ll never sum up my hometown in one post, so I won’t try to.

To date I have left Houston four times since I graduated highschool at Houston Secondary in 2010. I have learnt that I will never entirely disconnect from here, and honestly, why should I?

Though Houston is not the place I want to settle in, it is the place that has throughly cultivated my roots.

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