What type of psychic is the owner of Sacred Brain Candy?

There are different types of psychics.

Seers, with the ability to predict the future. Healers, that can intuitively tap into the mind and body to perform instant healing. Mediums, who have the ability to communicate with spirits.

I am both a psychic healer and a medium. What I offer through psychic-poetry is more like the work of a medium.

What is psychic poetry?

“Writing is telepathy.” — Stephen King, On Writing.

I am first and foremost a writer. The only claim I make as a psychic is that of a writer.

Writers are conduits that tap into other dimensions and worlds, then act as communicators to relay what is received there.

In my experience these can be vivid places where spirits and other beings reside, eager to interact. These spirits can be anything and everything from someone familiar that has passed away, a higher being or source, someone you have never met before but are deeply connected to, or the highest form of someone you know–including yourself.

As a psychic-writer, I create literature and water-colour art based on this intuitive correspondence.

How does it work?

Psychic poetry works like fishing in a puddle. You’re not sure if magick is going to happen, but you try.

For best results include in the comment field the following requirements:

1. Name of someone significant to you. (This is who the message will be coming from. Remember this can be yourself, God, great-aunt Edna, your mother’s highest form, etc.)

2. The first word that comes to mind.

3. Something you desire. (What you hope to receive from this reading?)

4. Optional: Questions you want to ask your Spirit.

Please feel free to provide any other additional information you find pertinent.


Psychics get tested all the time by clients choosing not to reveal or share information. Because you want to know they are legit, right? I’ve done that too.

It is your prerogative to withhold information if you choose.

The unique thing I offer is a space for you to communicate. The frequencies are open for your interaction, choose wisely what vibration you charge it with.

Telepathy is like communicating in a relationship. Success is based on how open you are to sending and receiving.

I’m just the telephone.

If you have questions, please ask them. I want you to be satisfied with what you receive.

Does the reading have to be in person?


But I do prefer that when the psychic poetry reading takes place I either have you accessible by text/call/Skype.

This is mostly because you or the spirit may have questions that arise, and by having an accessible way to contact you, it will be easier to perform an accurate and full reading.

Will my psychic reading always come out as a poem?


Like in literature, poetry is very broad. From stanzas that rhyme in a certain structure, to prose writing with no pattern. In can also be a dialogue between you and the spirit.

How do I know that I’ve chosen the right requirements?

You will feel them come to you clearly.

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