Ann Marie Hak

✒️ Writer
🔮 Psychic
🍾 Sober
🥕 Vegetarian
🌰 Nutella junkie
🚀 Dimensional Time Traveller
🇨🇿 🇵🇭 🇨🇦 Czechipinadian

Greetings Earthlings,

Welcome to this sacred space for your soul! Here you will find psychic literature, watercolour art, a journal series of my travels and work experience, as well as a variety of psychic services that I offer at affordable rates.

Explore what you will, may it bring you joy and intense healing. ❤

What is Sacred Brain Candy-_zps0k2jr6r5

Candy for your Brain.

I’m a blunt-pervert that frequently travels to other dimensions, manipulates time and space, and converse with fantastical beings, creatures, spirits and other entities to create psychic and erotic literature.

While working as a reporter for the local newspaper and as a part-time lifeguard at the leisure facility of my home town, I also freelance as a psychic-writer to pay off debt and save for future stationary purchases.

​I combine typewritten poetry and watercolour art to create cards, original artwork, psychic poems, as well as offer divine dialogue sessions which uses the power of words to heal and reconfigure psychological and physical programming.

​I also create exciting erotic literature exclusive to my patrons on Patreon. (Available soon!)

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patreon- my secret shop_zpsldoazavn

Patreon is my exclusive “Secret Shop” where my patrons get access to erotic literature, discounts, unpublished content, and community engagement.

Discounts and monthly giveaways on products including psychic poems, original artwork, blank watercolour cards, divine dialogue sessions.
​Erotic Literature (E. Lit) based on my dimensional time travelling experience, as well as folklore, literary fantasy, geek culture, and hentai that is published monthly chapter by chapter.
Unpublished content including drafts of E. Lit chapters, audio and videos not published on my website.
Community access to Q&A, live chat, suggestions and polls on future E. Lit stories.

*Disclaimer: E. Lit rewards will become available as soon as the first chapter is complete. Patrons can access typewritten drafts on my $1 reward tier. 

Untitled design 1_zpswlzbzvbg

What is Sacred Brain Candy- 2_zpslcimlief

​I believe in the work that I do. I know how beneficial my psychic services are, and I didn’t want financial insecurity to limit people from accessing these services.

I also wanted a space that would provide exclusive access to people interested in the erotic content I create.

Having a platform that allowed the psychic and erotic services I offer to continue to be accessible at affordable rates is the reason why I joined Patreon.

Patreon does this through its reward system. But most of all, Patreon provides a place for me to directly engage with the people that are just as excited as I am about the E. Lit and psychic services I provide. This in turn creates a form of accountability that supplies me with a continuous fountain of inspiration.

Because of you, my loving, supportive, and cosmically-perverted tribe, I create.

Untitled design (2)

patreon- my secret shop 2_zpsex6x2wmn

There is content that I would like to create, but just don’t have the skills for.

So in addition to creating what I already offer, I will also be working towards hiring talented artists to commission Illustrated Fan Art of E. Lit with the potential for a graphic novel series, as well as Audio Downloads of E. Lit Chapters to be produced into an audiobook.

Eventually I would also like to create a Secret Shop Tribe reward where an limited number of patrons will have access to Commissioned E. Lit Stories around 500-800 words typewritten on hand-made recycled paper.

My goals are structured to reflect this progression and ensure that this content gets created.

“​When you love what you create, you just want to create more.
​And rewarded are the ones that welcome it.”

patreon- my secret shop (4)


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